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Disfluency Exercise This assignment is meant to make you aware of common disfluency words (verbal fillers, “um” “like” etc.) that find their way into your everyday vocabulary, and increase self-monitoring of these words (to rid or reduce their usage). Over the next three days you will be asked to keep a log of instances of disfluency usage. The first two days will be assessment days and the third will be used to improve based on your two day log. Step One: You will be required to carry an index card and a pen for two consecutive days. These will be used as recording devices. You are to record and check every time you used a disfluency. It may help to enlist your friends and family as monitors . If you are not sure if a word you are using is a disfluency record it anyway. Chances are that you are over using the word and should attempt to find alternatives. Commonly used swears count as well. Step Two: On the third day you should tally up all of the disfluencies that occurred in the past
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Unformatted text preview: two days. Step Three: Using your results from the tally you are to try and carry out conversation throughout the day without using disfluencies. It would be a good idea to carry your tally sheet with you. Step Four: In a one to two page paper you are to sum up your experiences and reflect over the past three days. Include the following:-How often did I catch myself using disfluencies each day?-What were my most used disfluencies?-In what situations were disfluencies most frequently used?-Did I notice a change in usage on the third day?-What are some ways I plan to improve usage in the future? Grading will be based on the amount of effort shown in the paper and the creativity of the improvement plan. This assignment is worth up to 3 points. You should be prepared to give an impromptu speech on your experience. No late assignments will be accepted. Due Date: April 2nd....
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