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Essay 3 assignment

Essay 3 assignment - EN 110-012 Essay#3 5-7 pages...

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EN 110-012 Essay #3 5-7 pages, double-spaced Rough draft due: April 8, 2007 Final Draft due: April 15, 2007 We will be holding group meetings on Tuesday, April 15, so be sure to bring FIVE COPIES of your essay to the meeting. 1) If Nietzsche is right in saying “Radical means are indispensable only for the degenerate” (3), what for of morality would be appropriate for those of us who are not degenerate? Nietzsche’s view is that we are all being punished for the behavior of the weak and degenerate and that the rest of us could do without the moral precepts in most of the Ten Commandments. Is he correct? 2) How reasonable is Nietzsche’s condemnation of the concept that “man ought ” to be such and such” (10)? What is wrong with the command “Change yourself!”? Write an essay that analyzes Nietzsche’s complaints. Is he all wrong? Is her partly right? What
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