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English 110: 012 – Seminar in Academic Writing Tuesday / Thursday 5pm, Beech Hall 302 Instructor: Joe Mendes Office: CLAS 114 Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00-2:30pm or by appointment Email: Mailbox: CLAS 210 Required Texts: 1. Lee A. Jacobus – A World of Ideas, 7 th Edition 2. Diana Hacker – A Writer’s Reference, 6 th Edition Other Required Items: 1. A spiral bound, perforated notebook 2. A standard, two-pocket folder Course Overview: The goal of this course is to get you all on the path towards becoming scholarly, academic writers. Through close readings of the texts provided, in-class writing, essay assignments, and extensive discussion and revision, you’ll learn how to think critically, articulate yourself in a thoughtful, concise manner, and, most importantly, how to write at the collegiate level. You will be expected to come well-prepared to each class having done all of the required reading and ready to offer your insights in classroom discussion. In other words, this is not a class for wallflowers. Grading Structure: You will be graded on a variety of factors this semester, and each component is an essential part of succeeding in this class, and, in turn, your final grade. Here is the breakdown: Participation (20%): This is a seminar , not a lecture, so students are expected to actively participate in class discussions, in-class writing assignments, and group sessions. Sitting in the rear of the classroom and staring at your notebook is not the way to do well in this class. Don’t be afraid to speak up! There are no stupid questions in this class! With that said, it is enormously difficult to participate in class when you’re not there, so I expect you to be present and on-time for each class. If you need
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syllabus - plain text - English 110: 012 Seminar in...

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