April 7 - controlling images and Black Women's oppression

April 7 - controlling images and Black Women's oppression -...

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April 7 – Controlling images and Black Women’s Oppression – pg 266 Slavery era fostered four socially constructed controlling images of Black womanhood. How did these things come out of slavery? 1. Describe the four negative images of Black women. Mammy – the big black woman that takes care of the white family. Aunt Jemima Welfare mother – woman unable to provide for family. Would rather push out kids and be on welfare rather than work. Kids=assets Matriarch – dominant, aggressive, pushing the man around. The end up pushing the man away. It is their own fault that they’re in this position. Jezebel – the harlot that wants or needs sex. You are allowed to rape them or do
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Unformatted text preview: whatever you want. They are like animals. Controlling images for white womenpiety, purity, submissiveness 2. Collins argues that the controlling images are designed to make racism, sexism, and poverty appear to natural, normal, and an inevitable part of everyday life. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? The images emerged from existing stereotypes and serve to numb consumers to the stereotypes held by society. By seeing an Aunt Jemima, consumers become accustomed to thinking of fat black women as home keepers. 3. Do women of other categories (Asians, Latinas, and Native Americans) face similar or different stereotypes?...
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