April 14 - workforce shit

April 14 - workforce shit - you’re from no strong...

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April 14 – When work disappears Life chances and where you live Life chances are decided by capital Human – education, intelligence, motivation, athletic ability, creativity, things you have that increase your chances Physical - money, property, machinery, etc. Social – networking ties, connections Cultural – stereotypes (“Asians work hard”), ability to connect to other people, Capital disinvestment processes – what makes it hard for people to get capital? Segregation Concentrations of poverty – the schools in your area can be bad, few opportunities in your sector, businesses move out, stereotyped negatively because where
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Unformatted text preview: you’re from, no strong connections because people are moving out or aren’t powerful Loss of good, entry level jobs – few opportunities to enter into the workforce and gain the four types of capital Social Disorganization 1. Is work only for making money? 2. What is the primary cause of inner city decline? 3. Why have inner cities lost so many jobs? Businesses move out, away from poverty/crime 4. What solutions does Wilson offer? Need things that will invest capital in these areas rather than move it out...
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