March 31 - who has how much

March 31 - who has how much - o Children are the poorest...

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march 31 st who has how much? How capital is unevenly distributed Social stratifications- layers, people having more capital than others Are the rich getting richer…disparity between groups, who are the poorest in US We spend a large amount of time looking at pointless charts Rich are gaining a larger share of the income, poor are getting smaller share o Not everyone benefits equally although incomes are rising poverty in families Different places/groups experience poverty in different ways
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Unformatted text preview: o Children are the poorest? • Married couple families seem to fare better • Presence of children, a lot poorer. .. white people aren’t as poor • Whites Hispanics blacks • Female with no husband a lot poorer than male without wife • Human development index- how good your chances of making it are • She demonstrates her inability to do geography...
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