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March 10 - Notes on Primary Groups

March 10 - Notes on Primary Groups - Society and...

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Notes on Primary Groups by C.H. Cooley People and society as physical wholes-not artificial separation Everything social as an outgrowth of human nature—which is developed in primary groups Self and society are twin born, you can’t dissolve this connection Can’t conceive of people outside of society. Social self - all thing things drawn from communicative life that the mind cherishes as its own “a separate self is an abstraction unknown to experience, and so is society when regarded as something apart from individuals”
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Unformatted text preview: Society and individuals are merely collective and distributive aspects of the same thing” Reference to others in the sense of self (“you” doesn’t make sense without “me” or “I”) Self emerges out of commerce with others (you develop yourself through communication with others) 3 elements 1) The imagination of our appearance to others 2) The imagination of judgment of appearance 3) Some sort of feeling pride or shame or whatever Feeling depends on what we think of the other person...
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