March 10 - Weak Relationships

March 10 - Weak Relationships - mom getting a job at your...

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Why should we care about Granovetter? 1. Development of identity Process Developed, articulated, and changed through interactions with others. Different groups of others provide chances to explore different roles. (people usually treat you based on the expectations they have about you, if all of your alters know each other, or are tied together, you are trapped in a certain role.) New alters who don’t know each other let you try something new…remember our discussion of
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Unformatted text preview: mom getting a job at your workplace. Ex) Janice Joplin, Thomas Wolfe “you can’t go home again”, Jesus Christ 2. Weak ties and the spread of information---Getting jobs Business information (structural holes) 3. The diffusion of collective action Example of Rebecca riots---Collective actions don’t just pop up randomly** **They are spread through ties...
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