March 12 - Becoming a Doctor in Canada

March 12 - Becoming a Doctor in Canada - Zones of meaning...

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Becoming a Doctor in Canada – Beagan Examine the formation of the professional identity What research methods were used? (143) A survey Interviews with 24 students. The students recommended that she interview faculty Transformative moments Violate conventional social norms -get into the patients’ personal lives Constructing professional appearance Males vs. Females – females need to be profession, but retain their feminine identity. (power suits, etc.) Changes in language (145) “the language of medicine is the basis for constructing a new social reality.” Language of medicine – medical jargon/terminology used in the field
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Unformatted text preview: Zones of meaning – something means one thing at work and another at home Ex. Policemen – yelling at work vs. yelling at home. Learning the hierarchy Relationship to patients “impression management” – cloak of competence Responses from others because of your job. .the way your family looks at you for being a ______ Secondary Socialization – re-socialized to become a doctor Articulating identity Relationships – with others in your field Role specific reality – “here I am a husband, here a doctor, here a boss” – all different Difference as a basis for resistance...
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