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March 12 Weber - and flawed Heuristic – encouraging people to discover things for themselves Weber wanted a better society and thought the middle

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Weber – Ideal Form His father was a bureaucrat but also fun His mother was a Calvinist and was obsessed about her pre-destination Ideal- something in purist form Ideal type abstract from empirical reality. Inductively defined by immersing oneself in historical reality Inductively defined from reality – not deductively from abstract theory. General law derived from specific cases In its conceptual purity, this mental construct cannot be found empirically anywhere in reality. A yardstick by which one measures real cases. Change in definition of ideal type as reality changes—Weber always concerned with historical reality. Take something in reality, strip it down to its most essential qualities. Hold those qualities as the ideal for that thing. So in reality, everything is the ideal + impurities + extras Bureaucracy- none of them have all and only the bureaucratic qualities, they are real (different
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Unformatted text preview: and flawed) Heuristic – encouraging people to discover things for themselves. Weber wanted a better society and thought the middle class was dominated by short-sighted, petty bureaucrats. Weber very interested in the best leader…their power derived from… Traditional leadership- like a kind, divine rights – people listen to them and thought their power was legitimate because it was given by God Charisma, miracles, or other qualities Legal-authority based on rationality- degree of legality to enacted rules and the rights of those elevated to the authority to issue commands Bureaucracy is this type—weber’s ideal model is a bureaucracy Characteristics of Bureaucracies …in book Ideals of. .. Politics Religion Leadership styles...
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