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amst 101 part 2 - 1 Tuesday Assimilation Gordon...

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1 Tuesday, October 23, 2007 Assimilation- Gordon- Assimiliation theory would say yes to race meaning and significance declining Focuses on integration of immigrants and integration of them into society Film: Made in LA\Race as a biological category versus a social construction(Rodriguez and Cordero Guzman) Race, based in part on biological attributes. Categories created by people Importance of race meaning and significance given to those categories Ex: access to housing and home mortgage vary by race Assimilation (Gordon) Integration of immigrants and their descendants into US society Race decling in importance Versus Social Construction of Race Race continue to be important in society Whiteness (Lipsitz) Racial hierarchy and privilege and the practices that support it (Lipsitz) How and why is race given social , political and economic importance? Monterey Park (Saito) Boyle Heights (Pardo) In these two books ex: of assimilation and the social construction of race is exemplified.Why do these groups get involved in politics according to their ethnic background. How and why are these identity created in boyle heights? Woman in boyle heights becoming involved in community activism. They organize by race and gender. . why do they organize according to race and gender? How do immigrants learn about the US political systems. Is race important? What are the economic political and social importances attach to race? Assimilation- The Milton Gordon say about assimilation- he exams the question How do immigrants in the following generation adapt to life in the US? 1. Major theory- Assimilation theory answers this question – it’s a model of adaptation. A model that he developed based on experiences of European immigrants and applies it to all immigrants. . Is this applicable to others? Core group= in US society. Its this core group that sets the standards in society. They form the mainstream. Who are these core groups? Power elites… WASPs. . White Angelo Saxon Protestants set the standards in terms of language and legal customs. 7 types of assimilation 2 main type- 1. Cultural Assimilation- it means it’s a change of cultural patterns to those of whole society. What are the things they learn in terms of culture? Language, clothing, food, religion, sometimes people even change religion to assimilate. This usually happens by the 2 nd or third generation. 2. Structural Assimilation- entrance into cliques clubs and institutions of whole society. Esp in terms of jobs. Or integration into the economic political and social parts of society. Immigrants come to the US – and with them they bring their own cultural difference- in time these difference Acculturation- process of integrating into the whole society.
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2 Paradigm of assimilation on table 6 – controversy of his book- Different groups – different forms of assimilation – in terms of African Americans – yes they have experienced cultural assimilation but says that they have not experienced structural assimilation – he recognizes discrimination
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amst 101 part 2 - 1 Tuesday Assimilation Gordon...

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