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Quo Vadis - and blames the Christians Marcus goes off to...

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Quo Vadis (1951) Writing Credits: Henryk Sienkiewicz (novel) S.N.Behrman Sonya Levien John Lee Mahin Director: Mervyn LeRoy Producer: Sam Zimbalist Studio: MGM Studios Musical Score: Miklós Rózsa Cast: Location: Rome, Italy Plot: Returning to Rome after 3 years in the field, General Marcus Vinicius meets Lygia and falls in love with her. She is a Christian and doesn't want to have anything to do with a warrior. Though she grew up Roman, the adopted daughter of a retired general, Lygia is technically a hostage of Rome. Marcus gets Emperor Nero to give her to him for services rendered. Lygia resents this, but somehow falls in love with Marcus anyway. Meanwhile Nero's atrocities get more outrageous. When he burns Rome
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Unformatted text preview: and blames the Christians, Marcus goes off to save Lygia and her family. Nero captures them and all the Christians, and throws them to the Lions, but Marcus, Lygia, and Christianity prevail in the end. Trivia: 32,000 costumes were used in the film. Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor are extras Awards: Golden Globe wins: Supporting Actor (Peter Ustinov), Cinematography Oscar Nominations: Picture, Music Score, Film Editing, Costume Design, Cinematography, Set Direction, Supporting Actors (x2) Robert Taylor .... Marcus Vinicius Deborah Kerr .... Lygia Leo Genn .... Petronius Peter Ustinov .... Nero Patricia Laffan .... Poppaea Finlay Currie .... Peter Abraham Sofaer .... Paul...
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