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FDNT 150 January 28, 2008 Convenience and Cost There are big differences involving the types of cost between convenience food items and “made-from-scratch” food items. These costs include: food cost, eating quality, nutritive value, and preparation time and effort. As you can see, the cost of these foods does not just have to do with money. Is paying a bit more for something worth having an extra five minutes to do whatever you please with? There are many questions you must ask yourself when analyzing what kinds of food you wish to consume, and how much and what you are willing to pay for these foods. Convenience foods include many assortments of groceries. It can range from the ever so popular Twinkie to a simple pre-packaged bag of lettuce. How can I compare a Twinkie to lettuce? Agreed, a Twinkie is much worse for your health than lettuce. However, they both cost more than the un-processed version of themselves. Compare a head of lettuce compared to a bag of lettuce. You get more in the head of lettuce, but you have to wash it, and separate it yourself.
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