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ANT3141WordListWeek9 - Cannibalism Jade Chili peppers...

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ANT 3141: Terms, Sites, and People B Word List for Week 9 and 10 Exam II Note: Please use your first exam as a guide to the kinds of questions I shall be asking on the second exam. I shall also include a matching section on domesticates B which were domesticated in the Old World and which in the New World. Kent V. Flannery Richard S. MacNeish Karl Wittfogel Joyce Marcus Michael Harner Robert Carneiro Matthew Stirling Hernan Cortes William McCormick Adams Michael D. Coe Panfilo de Narvaez Richard Diehl Bernal Diaz del Castillo Phillip Drucker Robert Heizer Mesoamerica Corn, beans, squash Codices, codex Obsidian Bottle gourd Human sacrifice Basalt Teosinte
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Unformatted text preview: Cannibalism Jade Chili peppers Conquistadores Karst Topography Chinampa Smallpox Slash and burn agriculture Reciprocity Hydraulic Theory State Redistribution Circumscription and Warfare Long-distance trade Markets Multiple Cause Theory Adobe bricks Stingray spines Public Architecture Settlement patterns Plaza Hieroglyphic writing Calendric systems Long Count Vague Year Cenote Corbeled vault Cacao beans San Jose Mogote Guila Naquitz Chichen Itza Monte Alban San Lorenzo La Venta El Mirador Teotihuacan Tikal Tenochtitlan Tula Zapotecs Toltecs Aztecs Olmecs Maya Zea mays Cucurbita pepo Lagenaria siceraria...
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  • Mesoamerica, Aztec, Mesoamerican chronology, San Jose Mogote Monte Alban La Venta Teotihuacan Tenochtitlan Zapotecs Aztecs Olmecs Maya Zea mays Cucurbita pepo Lagenaria siceraria Guila Naquitz San Lorenzo El Mirador Tikal Tula Toltecs, Lagenaria siceraria Guila, MacNeish Michael Harner

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