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ANT3134WordListWeek8 - ANT 3134 WORLD PREHISTORY Words...

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ANT 3134: WORLD PREHISTORY Words, People, and Terms B Week 8 Film: AAmerica=s Ice Age [email protected] Clovis, New Mexico Michael Collins, Gault Site, TX Clovis Point James Adavasio, Meadowcroft Shelter, PA Clovis First Dennis Stanford, Smithsonian Institution, Solutrean hypothesis Ice Free Corridor Bob Bradley, flintknapper, Solutrean hypothesis Monte, Verde Chile Paleoindian Mounds: effigy, platform, conical Windover, Glen H. Doran, excavator AMoundbuilder [email protected] fiber-tempered pottery Cyrus Thomas Coiling Thomas Jefferson Sedentism Paleoindian period Adena culture Archaic period Hopewell culture Woodland period Maize Mississippi period Hopewell Interaction Sphere truncated pyramidal mounds Hohokam culture Cahokia site, E. St. Louis, Illinois Anasazi culture Chiefdom Mogollon culture Hierarchical ranking Snaketown Palisade Ozette Arable land Inundated site Economic redistribution charnel house Mortuary pattern Retainer sacrifice Lake Jackson site Columbus= First Voyage of Discovery
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