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Matt Murphy English Research 4/14/2008 Affects of Media and Violence On Our Culture Violence is a huge issue in today’s culture that is affecting the growing minds of our countries children. The National Institution on media and family has published an article stating alarming facts about how much violence has been exposed to children in society today. They state the causes and effects of these alarming statistics that are present in kids. Also there is a book that has been published called Children, Adolescents, and Media Violence written by Steven Kirsh that contains hundreds of pages of information regarding this subject. First, the article states that “By the time a child is eighteen years old, he or she will witness on television (with average viewing time) 200,000 acts of violence including 40,000 murders (Huston, et al, 1992).” Which is very alarming and presents a problem that should not be present in our culture. It seems that all of these acts that are being presented to young minds would in turn affect their growing brains. A kid’s brain is like a sponge and absorbs all of the material that is presented to them. If a young mind sees all of these acts of violence on television it seems that they would be more violent in turn. The fault of this does not lie on the children as well. The responsibility of making sure that children are not exposed to so much violence relies on the parents for one but mostly on the media because parents can only do so much to stop their children from being exposed. The parents should be responsible enough to monitor what their Murphy 1
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children are watching on television and how much television they are watching. In the book Media Violence by Steven Kirsh it is written that “over one-third of nearly 900 commercials directed at children contained aggressive elements,” which correlates to the other source because with all of these commercials that kids are watching with violence it just adds to the amount of violent acts that children are exposed to (Kirsh pp.201-202. It also states that during big events such as the Super bowl that nearly 50% of the commercials that are directed toward children highlight aggressive or unsafe behavior (Kirsh pp.201-202. Even if parents block all of the violent rated shows there is no stopping all of the commercials from reaching our children’s mind. “Children, ages 8 to 18, spend more time (44.5 hours per week- 61/2 hours daily) in front of computer, television, and game screens than any other activity in their lives except sleeping (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2005).” This is way too much television for any one person. This should not be happening and parents need to do something about it. It states that this is more then any other activity except sleeping. Children should be outside and associating with friends,
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English Research Media Violense - Matt Murphy English...

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