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Persuasion Letter to Mary

Persuasion Letter to Mary - To Mary Fenwick From The...

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To: Mary Fenwick From: The Serving Staff Team Date: 3/13/2008 Subject: Staffing Cutbacks Policy For us, the serving staff team, Ed’s has been more than a place to work: it has become somewhat of a second home to usdue to the friendly staff, happy customers, and beautiful atmosphere. Throughout our years serving as waiters, we have found ourselves to be more and more dedicated to contributing to the success and survival of Ed’s. Great customer service is obviously the foundation of any high-quality restaurant, and we have ensured that our customers are as satisfied as possible through friendly attitudes and efficient service. Although many of us have never spoken personally with you, we have all heard aboutyour dedication to this restaurant as well, with the personal time, effort, and capital you have poured into this business. Clearly, we are all devoted to seeing Ed’s thrive as a restaurant, a business, and even as a center for the local community.
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