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Maria Full of Grace - Wendy Drennon HUM 3930 01 Prof Susana...

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Wendy Drennon HUM 3930 – 01 Prof. Susana Dias-Boria 8 April 2008 Maria Full of Grace Maria Full of Grace is a story about the risks one will take in order to get money to provide for their family. This movie tells about the Columbian drug smuggling into the United States and how even though this is a story of one girl, it represents the lives of many. In many Latin American countries there are not many jobs to choose from and the ones you do find come without substantial pay, which is what Maria was faced with. Therefore, she found herself as a drug mule carrying substances in her stomach to the United States. The drug traffic from Columbia is rapidly growing to meet the high demands for its product. Mireya Navarro, from the New York Times, stated “Couriers have functioned at the lowest rung of the international drug trade for years, carrying mostly South American cocaine and Southeast Asian heroin. But law-enforcement officials say their numbers are rising dramatically, reflecting an increased demand for the transport of Colombian heroin by drug organizations that are steadily expanding this market. Customs officials estimate that up to six swallowers get through for every one caught. .. Almost all are Colombian men, many illiterate and poor, although Customs officials say they have also arrested teen-agers and children, pregnant women and elderly men, doctors and teachers.” In the film, Maria was one of these swallowers and had to swallow sixty-two
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Drennon latex tablets filled with cocaine. She was given a Chloraseptic spray to numb her throat and also some pills to slow down her digestive tract. Maria was stopped in customs when entering the United States as being suspected of being a smuggler. The immigration officials were well aware of how drug lords would send people with drug pellets in their stomachs and they let her know this. She, however, denied it like any guilty person would probably do in this situation because everything she had was riding on this job. She was one of the main sources of income in her family, which included the grandparents that were living with her. Her sister had a son that she could not take care of, but Maria always helped pay the expenses for her family because they were her family. Unfortunately, Maria had gotten pregnant and lost her job at a rose plantation because of morning sickness, however, the pregnancy was her rescue from the X-ray machine in customs.
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Maria Full of Grace - Wendy Drennon HUM 3930 01 Prof Susana...

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