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othello paper - Othello The majority of important...

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Othello The majority of important Shakespearean drama is written to connect with the audience on a personal level and make the reader become attached to the characters . The ability to create multiple levels to a characters through writing is one of the central elements in making a drama great . In Othello, the namesake of the play is a man who has been caught in a tangled web of deception . At the end of the play Othello is decided upon the murder of his lover Desdemona . The reason this passage is so important is that it not only gives closure to the play, but it gives more insight to Othello as a person . The most significant part here is that Othello is not revealed to be one way or another; Othello is shown to be both a compassionate soul and a ruthless jilted lover in less than 20 lines . The split between good and bad, demonstrated by Shakespeare as black and white earlier in the play, is broken down . At the beginning of act 5, scene 2, Othello is standing over his sleeping lover . He begins a monologue talking of how he must kill Desdemona before she can hurt another man . Othello does not want to murder her, for she is far too beautiful and sweet . But Othello is a man of conviction and so he sets about his mission with much regret . The crucial part here is the internal dispute within Othello . This speech makes us understand the character of Othello much
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othello paper - Othello The majority of important...

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