assignment1 - Architecture 170 Assignment 1Often...

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Architecture 170: Assignment 1- Often architectural opinion is influenced by the activities or memories of those that spent time within those spaces. Critique is often tainted by these feelings so that an honest critique is difficult to obtain. Modern architecture and spaces are meant to convey a certain feeling to their inhabitants and passerby. The mall at the University of Maryland is the second largest of its kind in the United States. Its presence is made to both intimidate and welcome visitors to Maryland. The sheer size of the mall is there to emulate the size of the rest of the campus. The beauty of the fountain down the center of the mall is reminiscent of the reflecting pools of Washington, and show power and beauty in one deft stroke. The well- groomed grass shows an affection and care that the university shows in all of its endeavors, thus showing the growth achieved on campus. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the environment here is McKeldin library itself. The statuesque presence of the library at the top of the
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assignment1 - Architecture 170 Assignment 1Often...

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