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Aesthetics Lecture notes Monday April 7

Aesthetics Lecture notes Monday April 7 - • Hume Skill...

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Aesthetics Lecture notes Monday April 7, 2008 The Pleasures of Tragedy   Susan L. Feagin Pleasure and enjoyment from a tragic play or a novel. – Aesthetic experience Something that evokes negative feelings can also evoke pleasure Our capacity for morality Tragedy is more significant to us than comedy. Important for a moral education. Hamlet is more  significant than 12 th  Night etc.  Hume Imitation, imagination, and expression all part of the tragedy. These things are naturally  pleasing. Overcome pity and fear so that the negative emotions get converted into pleasurable  response.  DuBos Most disagreeable state of mind is being bored, lazy, listless Mind seeks after amusement. Example: casino – someone else is winning everyone goes to watch Fontenelle  Diminish negative emotions (pity & fear) by keeping in mind that it’s a fiction Just a fiction + negative emotion softens our response – pleasure
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Unformatted text preview: • Hume Skill, creativity, eloquence of the artist Sentiments of beauty and tragic emotions Tragedy is an imitation – imitation is agreeable Feagin Pleasure of tragedy is explained by our having 2 response. Direct response: fear, Pity Meta response: is a response to our direct response, depends on the existence of the direct response Direct response to tragedy will be to the tragic plot unfolding Meta response will be pleasure Direct response depends on how good the acting is, eloquence, artistic skill. Sympathy is the basis for morality. Basis for aesthetic apreciatino and seeing in ourselves the capacity for a moral response. Shared sense of humanity Because the characters are fictional, no moral commitment, you can sympathize with them....
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Aesthetics Lecture notes Monday April 7 - • Hume Skill...

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