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Darwin and Wallace questions 1. Two key facts that Darwin gave in his letters were: a. “Selection acts only by the accumulation of slight or greater variations, caused by  external conditions,” Darwin’s fact about abundant variation within populations of  most species is clear in this area of his paper.  b. “Each new variety or species, when formed, will generally take the place of, and  thus exterminate its less well-fitted parent,” this is the idea of Natural Selection. 2. Darwin believed that the origin of variation stemmed from both domesticated animals  and the conditions of life that the species was in. This was incorrect and correct because  today we know that domestication is artificial selection and that evolution indeed does  occur over a long period of time. It was correct because variation does come from the  conditions where the species was in because this is the belief of natural selection. 
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Unformatted text preview: 3. In Darwin’s paper, he used domestication in order to show evolution in short term by humans. Wallace uses domestication in order to compare the difference between wild and domestic animals. He shows that the traits called upon in domesticated animals would cause them to become extinct if they were reintroduced into the wild. 4. I believe two potential difficulties that might have troubled Darwin’s contemporaries is the timeline presented for evolution because of the suggested age of the earth at the time and the sheer numbers of individuals going through evolution. This comes from Darwin addressing these problems in his essay. 5. This portion of Wallace’s essay is setting up the idea of Natural Selection amongst a large population as proof of emerging traits and variety as Wallace puts it....
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