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Family Time - Family Time Family Guy is an animated comedy...

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Family Time Family Guy is an animated comedy on the Fox network that regularly airs on Sundays. It uses a plethora of different characters in order to create hilarious jokes and gags. Every character has a different accent that represents a certain stereotype and these accents are used to create jokes. Since there is a strong fan base, it wasn’t very hard finding information about Family Guy’s cast and crew. Easy access to information regarding the show allowed me to analyze the characters voices in terms of voice acting as well as origin of the actors. Analysis of various accents allows viewers to realize what these shows are portraying. How these various actors portray the accents in the show allows one to realize the intricacies of the character and the views that the creators hold. It can give insight not only to many viewers who enjoy Family Guy , but to others who may not realize that this type of stereotyping occurs in mainstream media. Stewie Griffin is the main character in Family Guy’s lineup and is the family baby. His character uses a British accent, but it is only the beginning of this character’s complexity. Not only does he have a British accent, but Stewie is determined to kill his mother. The writers decided to make Stewie evil and continued to do this by making the him conspire for world domination. To me the use of his accent is to show how evil, yet intelligent this child is. The British Accent evokes a certain image in most people’s minds. Rosina Lippi-Green shows in her book English With an Accent that the British language is usually associated with negative stereotypes by using a table outlining the percentages of positive and negative actions in relation to accent (Green 93). This table reinforces that media portrays the British accent in a negative connotation at far greater numbers than they do American accents. His negative features are also exemplified in the way that he uses the accent. The British accent that Stewie uses throughout most of the episodes is very formal and he often reminds the viewers that he is of high
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intelligence with an expansive vocabulary. This stereotype alludes to the idea that he believes
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Family Time - Family Time Family Guy is an animated comedy...

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