Hella - Hella Usage of the word,hella has quickly spread...

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Hella Usage of the word ‘hella’ has quickly spread across the northern California region . Hella’s origins can be traced back to San Francisco and has been in use since the mid 1990s (Wikipedia) . Teens used this word as a slang term for “helluva” or other terms. Many students around this University campus as well as other areas around Northern California use this term to fit in with their peers . The word’s meaning is a bit obscure and can change with different people or words . The Etymology and use of the word hella is complex because of its’ variability and origin . The word hella is essentially a modifying word that can be used in a multitude of ways . For example, if I wanted to say the car looks nice using hella, I would say that the car looks hella nice . It modifies an adjective in order to make it a bit cooler and flashier. Hella can also be used in a number of other ways . One can use the word to describe an area as ‘very cool’ by saying the place is ‘hella cool .’ Hella is more specifically a modifying word that heightens the meaning of the subject or action . Hella can modify just about anything, which is why its’ popularity spread throughout the Northern California region very quickly . The word’s origins are interesting because of the odd nature of hella . California is an important location in determining the origin of the word hella because it is primarily used in Northern California . The etymology of the word stems from a number of different Californian ideals that many youth residents of the state seem to share . During the
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1960s there was a hippie movement throughout the California region . Much of the ideals carried in this movement were passed on to the next generation, which affected the dialect of future generations (Bucholtz 2007 328) . These hippie ideals allowed the generations to create a language all their own, which made people look at California’s dialect in a completely different manner . Compared to the rest of the Western United States, California’s dialect couldn’t be grouped into the general category . Along with the hippie ideals, rap music was also huge in California . Beginning from Los Angeles, the rap movement spread throughout California. This movement brought out many artists that were creating art with their rhymes and rhythm (Bucholtz 2007 328) . It seems as if California was the epicenter of new and trendy things, which would make hella’s origins there obvious . Hella’s origins can be specifically traced back to the
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Hella - Hella Usage of the word,hella has quickly spread...

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