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`Kerry Robinson 11/20/06 History Following the Civil War, economic changes swept across the country as the southern economy was crippled from years of war and destruction and the freeing of the slaves, which were the backbone of their economy in the pre-civil war era. The union states were heavily industrialized from their years of mass-producing the materials of war and mass production was on the rise. The economic changes that followed the Civil War resulted in the reform movements of the early twentieth century and the rise of a culture of surplus. Consumption in the early twentieth century changed. After the Civil War, there were no longer slaves to work in the plantations and farm work was not the main source of crops or production. The former slaves moved to the North and worked in the factories. Industrial work and improvement in technologies led to mass production of goods. This led to a new consumer culture. People could finally buy cars for faster transportation as opposed to before when they had to use horses or walk. Teenagers were also able to go out on dates with members of the opposite sex instead of being closely watched by parents in the home. This led to a change in morals because pre-marital sex and pregnancy were results of teenage freedom. Birth control came into the picture giving women a choice on whether or not they wanted to have children at a specific time. This led to couples limiting their offspring and also led to declining birthrates (Gorn Vol 2, 103). Margaret Sanger was the woman who brought about the increased need for birth
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control and helped women to have reasons to want it. She said that all women should
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American History 120 Essay - `Kerry Robinson History...

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