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Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle - 1 Freud psychodynamic explanation 2 Watson...

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Sleep Cycle somnambulism - sleep walking and talking EEG – tells what stage youre in REM - paralyzes muscles for the most part, breathing irregular or stopped why we need to sleep - theories 1. body needs to repair itself 2. memory 3. out of the "arena" approach Dreamwork: manifest content - dreams that you remember (cleaned up version) latent content – What you really dreamt why we need to dream - theories
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Freud: psychodynamic explanation 2. Watson: taking out the trash/wiping the tapes a. Day residue – see someone on campus who you don’t know who looks like a friend of yours, more likely to dream of that friend Nightmare: happens during REM Night terror: stage 4 phenomenon, young children, don’t wake them up Narcolepsy: Sleep apnea: not breathing during one of the stages of sleep...
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