CA360-Exam2 - Communication Arts 360 Exam #2 #1: Gorgias on...

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Communication Arts 360 Exam #2 #1: Gorgias on the power of speech -Language exercises spiritual force, and the presentation of language exhibits this. -Speech is very powerful -ex. in “Oh, Helen”, the blame can not be put on Helen, but rather on the power of speech itself. -Speech can persuade people to do things, and it is not the fault of the person. The speaker, or the words, are responsible simply because they are so powerful. #2: Gorgias on rhetoric and ethics -People persuade others of things by making a false argument. -Speech is “slippery”. It changes over time. -Speech can effect people like drugs effect the body. It is alright in certain doses/amounts, but too much can be harmful. -Some speeches distress, some delight, some cause fear. .. speech is neither inherently virtuous nor vice. -Although speech is “slippery”, it is not necessarily ethically negative. Things change with time, something that is right at one time may not be right at another time. Rhetoric recognizes that. -Gorgias rejects the link between knowing and doing. #3: Plato’s criticism of rhetoric -Rhetoric is artificial, made up. -Rhetoric is used to deceive people, therefore there is an ethical concern. -Rhetoric delivers the appearance of knowledge rather than actual knowledge. -Plato doesn’t draw distinctions between art and words, ex. the art of medicine and the words of medicine are the same. -Plato distinguishes between knowledge and beliefs, and associates rhetoric with beliefs. #4: Plato’s true art of rhetoric -Rhetoric is a false art because if claims to teach about justice, but rhetorics act unjustly. And there is a connection between knowing and doing (which makes this problematic). -True art of rhetoric is “an art of influencing the soul through words”.
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CA360-Exam2 - Communication Arts 360 Exam #2 #1: Gorgias on...

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