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HI 292 History of Canada to Confederation Course Instructor : Dr. Sharon Jaeger Office : Euler 1-22 Extension : 2318 Email : sjaeger@wlu.ca Office Hours : Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-1:30 Course Description : This general survey course in the history of Canada to Confederation covers the broad themes and issues of pre-Confederation Canada. It is designed to introduce students to the major social, economic, political and military events of the era as well as to the individuals shaping events. The course will also highlight the themes and issues debated in the scholarly literature. The course will emphasise the history of Canada’s First Peoples as the foundation of our past. We will trace the founding of New France and the contact experience as well as the European rivalries over the land. We will follow the development of colonial societies and the challenges faced by the first settlers in organising their societies culturally, economically and politically. This course offers students the opportunities to engage in weekly tutorial discussions, to critically assess and compare secondary articles and to engage in their own primary and secondary research. There will also be a final examination during the December exam period. Course Textbook : Origins: Canadian History to Confederation , 5 th edition, Francis, Jones and Smith Course Style Guide : Writing History: A Guide for Students , William Kelleher Storey and Towser Jones Course Reader (Secondary) : Readings in Canadian History: Pre Confederation , 7 th edition, eds. Francis and Smith Course Document Collection (Primary) : A Few Acres of Snow: Documents in Pre-Confederation Canadian History , 2 nd ed., edited by Thomas Thorner with Thor Frohn-Nielsen Course Requirements : Tutorial Participation 25% Comparative Critical Review (4-6 pages) (due October 17) 20% Essay Proposal and bibliography (from template) (due October 31) 5% Research Essay (8-10 pages) (due December 4) 25% Final Exam 25% 1
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Written Assignments : Comparative Critical Review : Students will choose any two articles from the course reader and justify the choice according to a common theme, geographic focus, methodology etc. In consultation with the appropriate resources (how to write a critical review; how to read a secondary source), write a critical review which compares the strengths and weaknesses of the two articles according to clearly identified criteria. Assignment 2: Essay proposal and research essay : This assignment has been divided into two steps. Step 1 must be completed, evaluated and returned to the student before Step 2 can be submitted. Attach graded Step 1 to your final essay. Step 1 : Select an essay topic from the list provided and create a proposal and working bibliography following the given template. Step 2 : Create a research essay following the feedback provided on your proposal. Include both primary and secondary research, and properly document all evidence. Documentation
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HI_292_syllabus_2006 - 1 HI 292 History of Canada to...

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