Guía de estudios - Examen 3

Guía de estudios - Examen 3 - 1 Espaol 113(Castro Gua de...

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Español 113 (Castro) - Guía de estudio - Examen 3 (L.8-11) Los consejos de la profesora: The test is even longer than the previous test. This study guide includes the specific directions for each section. Familiarize yourself with these directions now so you can ask me any questions before the test and not waste valuable time figuring out what to do on the test day. Also, practice writing by describing the pictures in your textbook and by writing on similar themes to the homework assignments. If you would like additional grammar practice, there are 2 options: 1. Go to Mosaicos’ webpage: and click on Companion Website (4 th edition). You’ll find more practice there. 2. Self-checking Internet exercises Go to the lrc page (the web page where you go to listen to the workbook audio). Scroll down to “Software” and click on “Interactive Learning Modules.” El examen I. A ESCUCHAR You will listen to two taped conversations in Spanish. Then, you will answer questions about them. REMEMBER, DON’T BE LATE . The tapes will be played ONCE and at the beginning of the class on the day of the review session this coming Thursday (8/11/2007). II. VOCABULARIO A. Identifique las frases con la palabra y artículo adecuados. Modelo : Los países celebran su libertad y soberanía (sovereignty) = El día de la independencia . Práctica : 1. El primer día del año. ______________________ 2. Mario actúa en películas o en la televisión. __________________ 3. José repara el fregadero, el lavabo y el inodoro. ________________ 4. Se usa para hacer hamburguesas. ___________________ 5. A Bugs Bunny le gustan mucho. _____________________ 6. Popeye las necesita. ____________________ 7. Nos permite escuchar la música. _________________ 8. Es el líquido rojo esencial para vivir. ___________________ Note: Our textbook has a wealth of this kind of exercise. Look for those, specially, in the first part of each chapter (L.8-11) - A Primera Vista, which is the vocabulary part. The workbook brings similar exercises as well. So, also refer to your workbook as you prepare for exam 3.
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Guía de estudios - Examen 3 - 1 Espaol 113(Castro Gua de...

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