Jan 23 - Psychological Assessment Notes Summary of SAT Men...

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Psychological Assessment Notes: 01/23/08 Summary of SAT Men generally outperform women, but note the small magnitude of the difference in mean score European Americans generally earn higher SAT scores than other ethnic groups except for Asian Americans in some cases Race is a concept with no biological validity; the genetic variability within racial groups is far larger than the genetic differences between racial groups; genetic and physical differences between humans vary gradually across geographic dimensions and do not suggest discrete genetic subgroups or biologic races; folk taxonomies of “race” vary from culture to culture (i.e., the “races” identified by European Americans are not the same “races” identified by Haitians or Brazilians or South Africans); “race” is a social construct, not a biologic construct Differences between ethnic groups in the USA are most probably related to socioeconomic factors, educational quality differences, pre/postnatal care differences Is the SAT a biased predictor of college success? Is the test measuring things accurately? o To answer this question, look for differential accuracy of prediction o If it is the same, no bias o If it is not the same, bias Bias goes two ways: 1. SAT may underestimate/underpredict college grades 2. SAT may overestimate/overpredict college grades More valid for European Americans than for ethnic groups (i.e., the correlation between the SAT and college grades is stronger for European American students than for ethnic minority group students) o 1) there is greater heterogeneity in the minority ethnic group categories than in the European American category (e.g., the demographic category
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“Hispanic” lumps together individuals from Mexico, Cuban-Americans, Puerto Ricans, etc.; it lumps together recent immigrants with individuals
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Jan 23 - Psychological Assessment Notes Summary of SAT Men...

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