okin notes - Traditional stance of political scientists:...

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Traditional stance of political scientists: family is off limits….rights, justice…family is based on self-interest, which is part of personal liberty 1) Politics -disagreement is present -power is used for selfish purposes….voluntary…divorce -family is based on love and devotion, altruism…families share common interests 2) liberal democracies -distinction between public and private spheres….government can not get involved in private spheres like the family -can only get involved when it is a concern to the government -if everything is public, then our system is a totalitarian system/tyrannical….no freedom if the government can get involved in everything; then it’s all public…matters of the family are private so the govt cannot get involved -govt says certain things that are private they can regulate if it is dangerous or extremely offensive….if it badly affects others -most things that are private within the family the govt can not regulate….private matters…govt cannot define what is ok for people to view and think Ex)pornography is a personal matter….some argue that it is so offensive to some people that no one should be allowed to view it even in their personal lives -govt can intervene in personal matters if the personal matters affect others in a bad way Ex) shouting fire in a crowded movie theater: free speech so should be able to do that, but it will endanger others if you do that, so government can restrict that
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okin notes - Traditional stance of political scientists:...

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