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proposed_essay_questions_2008 - feedback Essay 6 Trace the...

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Bio G 110 Prelim I Spring 2008 Two of the following essays will appear on the First Prelim. Essay 1: How did Robin Warren and Barry Marshall demonstrate the cause of ulcers? Essay 2: How did Walter B. Cannon come up with the concept of “Fight or Flight”? Essay 3: How Joseph Goldberger determine that pellagra was due to a vitamin deficiency? Essay 4: One of the key themes of biology is that structure is based on function. Describe one system that demonstrates the relationship between structure and function. Essay 5: One of the key themes of biology is that of homeostasis. Name one factor in the body that stays relatively constant in spite of a changing environment and describe the regulatory mechanism that keeps that factor constant by negative
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Unformatted text preview: feedback. Essay 6: Trace the path of a glucose molecule from when it is in a starch molecule in a loaf of French bread to when it enters the right atrium. Describe what happens to it along the way. Essay 7: Trace the path of an oxygen molecule from the air to its consumption in the mitochondrion in a muscle cell. Describe what happens to it on the way. Essay 8: Should foods made from genetically-engineered organisms be labeled? Why or why not? Essay 9: Describe a major scientific discovery that was made by accident. Essay 10: Describe an example where an unintended negative consequence followed a promising new positive scientific or technological discovery or innovation. 1...
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