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Reducing Hospital Associated Patient Falls with Hourly Safety Rounding PICO(T) Question: In adult Med/Surg patients (P), does the scheduled hourly safety rounding (I) improve patient safety (O) compared to unscheduled rounding (usual care) (C)? Articles Critiques: The body of research comprises a variation of study designs and methods to the question of whether scheduled hourly rounding reduces the incidents of falls with an focusing on falls on a medical-surgical unit? Every study covered a special feature of the key study question which led to differing methodology and consequences. Generally, these articles were all in high levels of evidence, Level I-IV. Each study focused on a different angle of the key study question, resulting in varying methodology and overall results. The inclusion of cross-sectional studies, quasi-experimental designs, and quantitative reviews is a chief asset of this body of research. The cross-sectional studies examined registered nurses' and nursing students’ insights of hourly rounding and fall interventions on various hospital units, including a medical-surgical unit (Ryana et al, 2020; Cho & Jang 2020). On the other hand,
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