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Sill 1 William Sill American Elm Rus in Urbe Essay 21 February 2008 The meaning of rus en urbe mainly in the context of Central Park seemed debatable between three different men. Rus en urbe simply means nature living mutually with the city. Frederick Olmstead, Matthew Gandy, and Elbert Peet share opinions that are different from each other. One could view the opinions and views of Olmsted a little bias considering he had the vision of Central Park and was the co-designer of it. The need for rus en urbe was matched perfectly by New York City. Without question, New York City was definitely becoming more dangerous and growing at a fast rate. It was the decision and design of Olmsted that had caused speculation of whether Olmsted actually attempted to reach rus en urbe with Central Park. While Gandy and Peet doubt the effectiveness of rus en urbe Olmsted created, Central Park is without doubt one of the greatest creations of the 19 th century. Olmsted saw that the city of New York needed a fresh pair of lungs, and a public place that could take people away from the city and to a more tranquil spot. Olmsted was a firm believer in rus en urbe, and wanted to incorporate nature into New York City. Olmsted saw a need for something like Central Park because New York City’s population was increasing and crime was as well.
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Sill 2 When Olmsted designed Central Park, he wanted to design a place where people could go to get away from the city and all its chaos. His design was very shielding from the city in an attempt to create a place for visitors to escape. His
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Rus En Urbe Essay - Sill 1 William Sill American Elm Rus in...

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