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3. Proprioreceptors - PROPRIOCEPTORS Proprioceptors are...

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PROPRIOCEPTORS Proprioceptors are receptors that supply information about muscle length and tension. Although this information is largely unconscious, it is critical for the control of all movements. In addition, proprioceptors are largely responsible for kinesthesia , the general awareness we have about the position of our body and limbs. Cutaneous receptors also contribute to this sensation. Axons carrying information from proprioceptors comprise a large fraction of the fibers in peripheral nerves suggesting their importance. They generally are myelinated and of large diameter, indicating high conduction velocities. The tables summarize the receptors and fiber types in peripheral nerves.
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For passive tissues, like ligaments or skin, the relationship between tension and length is relatively simple – usually there is proportionality between the two parameters. Because muscle can actively contract the relationship between the two parameters in this tissue is not simple.
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