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Poly Sci CS – Test #3 #1 Claim - The dominance of television as a news source for people combined with the emergence of the ’30 second sound bite’ phenomenon has greatly deteriorated the media’s role as a public informant. Variables Dependent – Deteriorated the media’s role as a public informant. Independent - television and the ’30 second sound bite’ Expectations – I expect to find that television and the ’30 second sound bite’ are deteriorating the media’s role as a public informant. Evidence for + Because of the high demand that Americans place on the media to inform them about everything much of the American public watches the news, furthermore the media has a moral obligation to inform you on what is happening around you but so many stories happen each day that are not even touched by television news, some get bumped by a disaster, scandal or big event, others don't get covered because they are not important or newsworthy enough or don't have great pictures to go with the story. And politicians use this to their advantage by using the ’30 second sound bite’ which is a short, catchy snippet of speech, designed to sell a message in the shortest possible time. The other reason to communicate your message using a catchy sound bite is that it can help put your story above others that happen on the same day. A short, striking, quotable statement well suited to a television news program. For example, “ He's extremely good at sound bites, but a really substantive speech is beyond him .” This slangy expression, first recorded in 1980, originated in political campaigns in which candidates tried to get across a particular message or get publicity by having it picked up in newscasts. And during one of many Bill Clinton speeches he said in some variations “We are building the bridge to the 21st century.” Many times,
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