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Unformatted text preview: Erica Grimaldi Imaging For New Media January 24, 2008 Paper 1: Critique and Reaction of an Exhibit I decided to visit the George Eastman House in Rochester. The Eastman house is an educational museum. The museum is both independent and nonprofit, and is aimed toward educating the public about the story of photography and film. The Eastman house educates about how photography and film continue to change our perception of the world. I found a contemporary photography exhibit, titled Heroes of Horticulture. I thought this exhibit was really cool; it explores the efforts of The Cultural Landscaping Foundation in Washington D.C. The George Eastman House partnered with The Cultural Landscaping Foundation to find Artists that have photographed culturally significant landscapes. These landscapes are culturally significant because they are at risk of alteration or destruction. The exhibit had photographs of trees and plants that have withstood major cultural and natural events. There were two pieces in the exhibit that stood out to me the most. The first piece is titled Angel Southern Live Oak Tree, by Photographer Eric Baden. The second piece I liked is titled Live Oak Tree Alle, by Photographer Eli Reed. Both images have great framing; in the first image, I like the emphasis of the branches. This emphasis contributes to the movement of your eye along the image. First you look at the trunk and then you eye moves along the branches until you eventually have seen the whole image. In the second image there is also an interesting framing on the tree. I like the depth of the second image as well. The first thing your eye is attracted to in the image is the main tree in the foreground. After which your eye moves to the back where you see lines of trees along the walkway. I think the framing of these images contributes to their strength. ...
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