ClassNotes1 - 4GB size limit lossless compression PSD...

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Adobe Photoshop: Settings Locations: emg8599 --> Library --> Preferences --> Adobe Photoshop CS3 Settings Workflow: 1. Image Size a. 8x10 2. Sharpen a. duplicate layer b. rename layer c. overlay d. filter --> other --> high pass e. keep under 4 3. Levels/Color a. click on half-pie --> levels b. click on options c. avoid big spikes in histogram 4. Curves/Contrast a. click on half-pie --> curves b. luminosity c. s-curve adds contrast d. reverse-s-curve lowers contrast 5.Doge/Burn a. new layer b. overlay c. use paint brush d. use low opacity e. hardness = 0 f. use black and white 6. SAVE 7. flatten a. layer --> flatten image 8. crop 9. Save As a. make a new fie with a new file name (no spaces, use _ ) Making a PDFs: File --> Automate --> PDF Presentation browse for files Naming Conventions: folders: GrimaldiE_AssignmentTitle files: File Types: JPG TIFF most universal you can save layers
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Unformatted text preview: 4GB size limit lossless compression PSD photoshop native file type 30,000 size limit PSB large file format for photoshop RAW .crw .nef PDF good for exporting to a printer Adobe Bridge: Adobe file browser contact sheets: tools --> photoshop --> contact sheets Settings Locations emg8599 --> Library --> Application Support --> Adobe --> Bridge CS3 DPC Printing: Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm Thursday: 9am-10pm Weekends: closed login click on drop-box upload files (up to 4 total) click done, there should be a picture of fie JOB TICKET: fill out every single field use RIT email job-type: DigitalColor sheet-size: 8.5x11 sheet-style: chose appropriate type of paper scaling: NONE choose simplex click apply changes click submit job logout tell them "Imaging for New Media" so its free!! :)...
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CIAS 2083.206.0 taught by Professor Heusner,christine during the Winter '08 term at RIT.

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ClassNotes1 - 4GB size limit lossless compression PSD...

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