MakingVectors - Making vectors from Markers! Step 1...

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Scanning your markers Making vectors from Markers! Please scan in your images using Photoshop. You can do so in the lab, the computer in the back has a scanner attached. I also believe there are a number of scanners available for student use throughout building 7. Resolution is important. When dealing with onscreen like a MAC resolution is 72 ppi (pixels per inch), a PC displays at 96 ppi, an iPhone displays approx 200 ppi. Print can be anywhere between 300 and 1200ppi. What that amounts to is how much image informa- tion exists per inch. The more information you have, the more clearly represented the images and graphics. You Should be scanning in your marker renderings at about 300ppi. Keep in mind, that your final output will be fitting into a 6x6 in square. When you bring in an image into illustrator, it will display according to image’s resolution. So you can have a 1200px X 1200px image but it will display differently in illustrator based off of its resolution. So at 1200 dpi, the image is only 1 inch by 1 inch, however, at screen resolution (72ppi) the image will display at 16.7 inches by 16.7 inches. To change an image’s resollution, go into photoshop, Image Menu > Image Size , which will bring up this dialougue. To change an images resolution without resizing the image pixels, make sure that “Resa- mple Image is not selected. Always be sure to scan largeer and then scale down. Its better to throw out pixel information, rather than have the computer ”make up” pixel information by trying to size up an image. Basically, just scan in at a higher resolution if
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MakingVectors - Making vectors from Markers! Step 1...

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