Cheat sheet for Test #3 - back side in collums

Cheat sheet for Test #3 - back side in collums - Which...

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Which committee spends our federal tax dollars each and every year? Appropriations . In the appropriation phase of the congressional budgeting process, Congress determines how many dollars will actually be spent in a given year on a particular set of government activities. No bill can be sent to the White House to be signed into law unless it first passes both chambers of Congress in identical form. Under the House rules, a vote that results in a tie automatically defeats a bill . After the conference report has been submitted to both chambers, the bill must be accepted or rejected by both the House and the Senate as it was written by the conference committee, with no further amendments made. Traditionally, the cabinet has consisted of the heads of the executive departments and other officers whom the president may choose to appoint. Cloture is a method of ending debate in the Senate and bringing the matter under consideration to a vote by the entire chamber. The ranking member of a congressional committee is usually selected on the basis of length of service on the committee. Most members of a conference committee are drawn from the standing committees that handled the bill in both chambers. The War Powers Resolution of 1973 prevents the president from sending troops abroad for more than sixty days (or ninety days, if more time is needed for a successful withdrawal). If Congress does not authorize a longer period, the troops must be removed. Each Congress lasts for two years. Under the Constitution, the power to formally declare war is granted to Congress . The Supreme Court has ruled that congressional districts must contain, as nearly as possible, an equal number of people Education standing committee reported out the No Child Left Behind law. To be elected to the Senate , a person must be at least thirty years of age. An
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Cheat sheet for Test #3 - back side in collums - Which...

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