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Reactor Design Outline Outline 1. Isothermal Reactor Design Algorithm 2. Determination of Reaction Rate Constant From Batch Data 3. Scale-up of Batch Reactor Data to the Design of CSTR
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Reactor Design Algorithm for Isothermal Reactors Algorithm 1. General mole balance equation 2. Design equations: Batch, CSTR, PFR, PBR 3. Rate Law r A = f(X). If given combine and integrate to evaluate the reactor volume, or processing time. END 4. Rate Law r A = f(X). If not given , look in the literature or go to the lab. Find r A = f(C A . C B …). 5. Use stoichiometry to express concentration as a function of conversion. Combine, r A = f(X). 6. Combine and integrate. END
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