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Sheet1 Page 1 What is the difference between a class and an object? object -- what happens on the screen -- does stuff as told by the screen class -- defines what an object can do -- general plan for the object instance -- an object is an instance of a class "object = instantiation" What is the purpose of a document class? -- it extends the movie clip -- allows you to see the object on the stage What does extending a class mean? WHY? -- its building off of n existing class -- adds on to the super class -- additional instruction on top of another class -- re-writing the class without re-writing code that works perfectly well -- a way to re-write the class to add new functions -- if i want to extend MillionFunctions i would write: public class extends MillionFunctions { //new functions here } -- .as files in flash know what display means -- * gives you access to all as files in the folder -- display is the function in one of the .as files for flash that is built in import flash.display.* What are the steps required to get a turtle to draw on the stage? public DocumentClassName
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ClassesObjectsFunctionsForLoopsEtc - What is the difference...

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