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In Class Discussion guide - Feb 2007 Election RFE/RL...

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Feb 2007 Election RFE/RL analyst Liz Fuller: “only one election has been seen as free or fair” This election: ballot stuffing, multiple voting, voter intimidation, vote buying Result: Incumbent Robert Kocharain’s successor Serzh Sarkisian wins over opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrossain 20,000 protestors gather in Yerevan, some die in clashes with police, Sarkisian declares 20-day state of emergency, media blackout, Ter-Petrossain on house arrest, and several other restrictions US/EU call on Armenia to lift the state of emergency Indicative of deeper problems within Armenian political system: o Nations in Transit Analysis o 110 parties, 6 real contenders 59% of 1,200 household survey= say elect leader not party o No party funding regulations reliant on private financiers and able to be influenced. o Voter turnout ’03 52.2 down from 68.4 declining public confidence o Opposition says the problem is with implementation, not the system itself (i.e. reforms that have been passed and on the books have not been
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In Class Discussion guide - Feb 2007 Election RFE/RL...

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