7 - Question 4(A St Paul's and Augustine's view of...

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Question 4: (A) St. Paul’s and Augustine’s view of salvation, which are not identical but share much in common, have a profound effect on their views about politics. Discuss in detail the effects of their views on salvation on (i) the best form of government, (ii) the proper extent of government, and (iii) the right to rebel again government. St. Paul views on salvation : Only God’s mercy/grace can save someone. Paul believes this, because everything that he did up until God struck St. Paul off of his horse, merited some sort of punishment. Remember, Paul was persecuting Christians prior to becoming the greatest evangelist. He had a direct conversion experience through God. He believed that the powerful force of sin inside of us prevents us from doing what we should, so we have to submit ourselves to God’s mercy/only rely on God….this influences Paul’s views on politics: (i) best form of government: government should be able to operate independent of what people think. It should be authoritarian-like and have power over its people. (ii) proper extent of government:
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7 - Question 4(A St Paul's and Augustine's view of...

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