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Second Half Question #1 Aristotle’s praise of a society composed primarily of middle class citizens rests on an intriguing psychological analysis of the mindsets of the three main social classes. Describe Aristotle’s class analysis and his arguments for why he believes a middle class society is superior in detail. Provide a balanced discussion of whether you agree with his claim that members of the middle class tend to be the best people and the best citizens, and whether a society composed primarily of middle class citizens is best. See Book IV, ch.11 for further discussion of his favorite type of polity – the middle state There are two different forms of democracy: agrarian (majority are farmers) and mercantile democracy (majority are merchants). Aristotle’s qualifications for participation for a democracy depends on whether or not you r democracy is agrarian or mercantile. Aristotle strongly favors the agrarian democracy. Farmers are middle class citizens and therefore are moral people. Aristotle therefore believes that they should all
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