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Phaedo Forms and Ideas, Immortality of the Soul “Itself” – the just itself, the beautiful itself, the good itself, the equal itself, etc. The true essence of something is different from something being beautiful or good, it is not perceptible by the senses but only by reason The body is the interference of the true interest of the soul. We are chained to the body, after separation then the soul can be free (Soma Sama – the body is the tomb which imprisons the soul) Socrates asserts suicide is wrong, but a philosopher should look forward to death because the body interferes with knowledge. It is absurd for a philosopher to seek and fear the same thing Socrates has four arguments for the immortality of the soul: Opposites Argument – everything comes from its opposite, a tall man is only tall because he was once short, so living things come from those that are dead. Cyclical nature of life and death assures we do not stay dead
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