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POL202(7) Handout - POL 202(7): Social Change and Ethnic...

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POL 202(7): Social Change and Ethnic Issues (I) There are many social concerns and ethnic issues to look into in contemporary Asia-Pacific, but we will only address how economic growth effects gender, population, education and ethnicity, and vice-versa Economic development and gender The relationship between economic development and gender equality revolves around two opposing arguments: 1) Economic development has created jobs for women that have led to independent incomes and self-confidence. 2) Economic development marginalizes women, by pushing them into secondary, informal or unimportant jobs that earn a fraction of men’s wage, or leading them to take on a double burden Women and men in paid work: Is the gap narrowing? - >40% of women over 15 years old are in the labor force - During the last 40 years, the growth rate of women’s participation in the workforce is about twice that of the men’s - Women are concentrated in manufacturing, trade and service industries, but almost absent from construction, mining and utilities. As the economy of the country shifts from manufacturing, women’s concentration in manufacturing decreases while that in trade and services increases - Women continue to be underrepresented in the more prestigious and well-paid occupations and over-represented in the lower status and less-paid jobs
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POL202(7) Handout - POL 202(7): Social Change and Ethnic...

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