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Chapter 8 - Questions - Chapter 8: Britain Governance and...

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Chapter 8: Britain Governance and Policy Making – Questions 1. After you’ve read chapter eight, please find a complete copy of the British constitution, copy it and bring it to class. What makes up the British constitution? How does Krieger contrast the British constitution/government relationship with the U.S. system? Do you agree with this characterization? There is no formal written complete copy of the constitution. The British constitution consists of acts of parliament, common law, convention, authoritative tradition. The acts of parliament are part written and uncodified. Common Laws are sets of precedents, core legal principles and other norms that govern the system. Conventions are the broader sense of rules that govern the system, for example, parliamentary procedure dictates that the Queen signs off on the winner becoming the Prime Minister. Authoritative Interpretation refers to questions of clarity on a law, you will go to someone for an interpretation of the law. Krieger states that the British system is governed by widely agreed-on rules of conduct, rather than law or US-style checks and balances, to set the limits of governmental power. Opinion… 2. What is parliamentary sovereignty? Which entities does parliament share political power with outside of London? What does this mean for parliamentary sovereignty? Parliamentary sovereignty means that Parliament can overturn any law; the executive, the judiciary, and the throne do not have any authority to restrict or rescind parliamentary action. The 1972 European Communities Act restricts and limits Parliaments power to act on some matters. As a result of signing, it is acknowledged that European law has force in the United Kingdom without requiring parliamentary assent and acquiesced to the
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Chapter 8 - Questions - Chapter 8: Britain Governance and...

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