Chapter 8 & 9 IDs

Chapter 8 & 9 IDs - Chapter 8 IDs British...

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Chapter 8 IDs British Constitution: statutory law (mainly acts of Parliament), common law, convention, and authoritative interpretation. Also, the book makes a point of saying the idea of an unwritten British constitution is largely false. (British) Parliamentary sovereignty: Parliament can make or overturn law; executive, throne, and judiciary do not have the power to overturn parliamentary action. European Communities Act: acknowledges that European law has force in the UK without requiring parliamentary assent and acquiesced to the authority of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Notable because it does in some ways limit the scope of parliamentary sovereignty and has led to enactment of the Sex Discrimination Act of 1986 (see p. 182 if you want to know what that is) Cabinet Government: useful term for emphasizing the key functions that the cabinet excercises: responsibility for policymaking, supreme control of government, and coordination of all government departments. **side note—parliamentary sovereignty, parliamentary democracy, and cabinet government form the core elements of the British (Westminster) model of government** 10 Downing Street: the prime minister’s official residence. **another side note—on p. 173, 3 rd paragraph on the right, emphasizes that the convention of collective responsibility as one of two ways of checking the prime minister, but I can’t find a good ID to convey this point** Whitehall: a street name referring to the London nerve center of the civil service— basically, a broad term for the bureaucracy as I understand it Permanent Secretary: very senior career civil servant, has chide administrative responsibility for running a department. New Public Management (NPM):
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Chapter 8 & 9 IDs - Chapter 8 IDs British...

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