Chapter 11 - France: Political History 1. Revolution, war,...

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France: Political History 1. Revolution, war, and change in the political system seem to be the three most dominant themes in French political history. Did war and/or revolution seem to cause change in the political system? How might this pattern affect contemporary French politics? A look at a timeline of French history shows that war and revolution did change the political systems in place. Ancien regime until 1789 French Revolution beg. 1789 Revolutionary Regimes 1789-1799 Abolition of monarchy Removal of feudal system The First Republic 1792 Napoleon Bonaparte 1800-1814 Invasion of Russia Waterloo Restoration 1814-1830 July Monarchy 1830-1848 Second Republic 1848-1851 Napoleon III (Louis Napoleon) 1852-1870 Franco-Prussian War Paris Commune 1871 French Civil War Third Republic 1871-1940 World War II – Nazi invasion Vichy Regime 1940-1944 World War II – Collaboration with Germans Fourth Republic 1946-1958 French-Algerian War (Algeria’s struggle for independence) Fifth Republic 1958-present The French Revolution of 1789 abolished the top-down, highly centralized monarchy. There were numerous smaller revolutions before prior to the creation of the Third Republic, all of which were toppled by military action or revolution. The Third Republic institutional design was thought to be the reason they didn’t stop the Nazi invasion. The Vichy Regime was evidence of France’s dismal war record,
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something they’d rather forget. It was essentially a puppet government of the Nazis. The
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Chapter 11 - France: Political History 1. Revolution, war,...

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